Uncured Rubber Grinding

MEI is a quality-driven, customer oriented grinder of rubber and plastic products. Our centralized location in Wapakoneta, Ohio enables us to better serve our customers nationwide. MEI provides a variety of grinding operations, both cyrogenic and ambient processes, to best match your custom grinding needs.

Uncured Rubber Bale Grinding

  • MEI has State-of-the-Art bale grinding capabilities and packaging.
  • Particle sizes 3/16” - 1”
  • Rubber pellet size reduction 
  • Low volume to truckload quantities


  • Rubber Industry – more uniform mixing
  • Adhesives – smaller rubber particles for faster processing
  • Plastics – blend uncured rubber into plastic extrusion and compounding

CRYOFINE ® Rubber Powder

MEI is the leader of rubber powder made from Post Industrial Rubber waste stream. MEI has been providing sustainability advantages to customers in the rubber and industrial markets for over 35 years. Cryofine® rubber powders are cross-linked and cured and cryogenically ground to customer specifications. Our products are a high quality, low cost rubber ingredient used to reduce production cost. Cryofine® polymers also help reduce blisters in molding and can help improve hot tear strength.

  • Natural
  • SBR
  • EPDM
  • Nitrile
  • Neoprene
  • FKM
  • Butyl
  • Toll and generic grinding capabilities
  • Banbury inclusion packaging available