Why Use Rubber Playground Tiles In Your Playground?

I'm not sure if you grew up going to playgrounds and playing all day and coming home with bruises or scraped knees, but I know I sure did! A lot of those scrapes were due to playground being lined with gravel or rough mulch. Those are two sports surfaces that are a pretty good choice if you just look at the bottom line, i.e. the cost, but they're not very friendly to a leg, arm or knee and not very forgiving.

Now playground tiles on the other hand are a recent update and offering as an option for sports flooring and usage in playgrounds. They're also known as rubber tiles and are also available in a rubber mulch form. The playground tiles are more popular and available pretty cheaply. You'll see them in more and more playgrounds as time goes on.

These rubber tiles come in different thicknesses - from two inches tall to almost five inches tall. This offers a great amount of cushioning, yet is not so pliable that it makes it hard to run or otherwise play on. These playground tiles are able to absorb shocks, allowing kids to run, jump, play, even make a daring leap off a swing set.

These rubber mats are also dimpled to fit most any rough surface. They're environmentally friendly as they're made of recycled rubber that has been ground up and compressed into tile form (or rubber mulch form). They're very easy to install as they come with interlocking edges, much like puzzle pieces (but easier to assemble than a puzzle!) A little big of adhesive is used to keep the tiles together and to not allow kids to take them apart. The material is breathable and damage resistant. The surface of the playground tile is smooth and flat, which meand that water won't pool up on it. In fact water dries quickly after a rain typically.

There are many different colors available, especially bright primary colors that kids usually love. You can make any pattern of and colors and get really creative with your park's playground tile design. Maybe you could even have lines leading to certain sections of the playground. The tiles are better than mulch and better than gravel, because after a few seasons the mulch can erode away, and gravel can sometimes do the same even though it takes a bit longer. Tiles can be changed out, allowing you to only replace the damaged areas that need it - perhaps this is the high-use areas near the end of slides, under swing sets, etc. 

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