What is Flexithane? Is It Just a floor covering?

´╗┐Flexithane is a glossy, smooth and seamless finish for floors. It is solvent-free. It's a heavy-duty polyurethane resin system.

It's a floor covering usually used in industrial flooring, but it's certainly not limited to that application. Flexithane has a very long life and provides for seamless finishes. It's resistant to wear - whether it be oil, wear or chemical resistance. 

Flexithane Floor Systems can be used pretty much anywhere, but it's esepcially designed and typically used in heavy traffic locations where high hygiene is required. This is typically industrial places such as warehouses, workshops, factories and food processing plants

Flexithane has really good low temperature curing properties. It's very durable and has a long life. Flexithane is very easy to clean and is low maintenance. It can even be made more slip resistant by adding grits to it. ´╗┐

FlexiThane is billed as a "Single Package, Aromatic Urethane Polyurea Primer/Sealer". Some text from the Flexithane website describes it in a bit more detail:

FlexiThane100-2    is a single component,  high solids, low viscosity  primer sealer for concrete, wood, most metal and polyurethane elastomeric surfaces before the application of a coating.

FlexiThane100-2    is used in many of the FlexiThane Decking Systems, esp. Moby Deck, as  a pre-construction primer/sealer for plywood and as a “refresher coat” for re-bonding urethanes that have cured past the re-coat window.

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