Quality Statement

Midwest Elastomers Inc. (MEI) is committed to processing high quality ground rubber, plastic and other products for industrial and sports surfacing markets with on time service and delivery. The success of our commitment is measured by customer satisfaction.

Midwest Elastomers’ Quality Policy:
“Quality is the Cornerstone of MEI.”

This policy is a commitment to our Quality Objectives, compliance with customer specifications, and the requirements stated in the ISO-9001:2015 International Quality Standard.

Our commitment signifies the people of MEI are trained and dedicated to achieve and exceed customers’ expectations utilizing facilities, grinding equipment, methods and procedures that have been established to ensure quality products are produced and delivered on time.

We organize our efforts to be systematic and reliable as we follow our Mission Statement:
Midwest Elastomers Inc, is dedicated to processing the highest quality ground rubber and plastic products with on time delivery to meet our customers’ expectations and objectives.

In striving for excellence for our customers, we demand quality of ourselves and our vendors, in every aspect of business, following these Quality Objectives:

  • Measuring and improving quality performance ratings based on Customer Satisfaction.
  • Continually improving process efficiencies.
  • Training employees on their importance in producing quality products.
  • Constantly monitoring the quality system for effectiveness.

Quality Policy Statement

Quality Assurance

As stated in Quality Statement, our Quality Policy is “Quality is the Cornerstone of MEI”. Midwest Elastomer's Quality Assurance Department is dedicated to the support of all three sales divisions, ensuring our customers receive quality products and service.

Our Quality Assurance Department is dedicated
to the production of quality products that meet
our customers’ requirements.

Industrial Rubber Support

In many cases, Midwest Elastomers is a second or third tier supplier to the automotive industry. We understand the importance of quality to our customers as we support their quality systems. Our iso 9001:2015 certification is evidence of our dedication to providing quality ground rubber products and quality customer service to our customers.
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Industrial Plastics Support

From the automotive market to high profile commercial use, our ground plastic products are tested to ensure they conform with customer requirements. Our iso 9001:2015 based Quality System ensures our products are produced in a controlled manufacturing environment, providing our customers with consistent, quality products.
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Sports Surfacing Support

Our granulated rubber products used in playground safety surfaces, athletic tracks and other rubberized surfaces must undergo a series of tests prior to shipment in accordance with our iso 9001:2015 based Quality System. These quality controls ensure our customers receive consistent, quality granulated rubber products on every job site.
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Quality Assurance Department

Midwest Elastomers Inc. is committed to providing high quality rubber, plastics and other products to industrial and sports surfacing markets. This commitment is evidenced by our iso 9001:2015 certification.

Our Quality Assurance Department is dedicated to the production of quality products that meet our customers’ requirements.

In efforts to remain current with customer and industry needs, MEI is represented as members of the American Chemical Society (ACS), United States Tennis Court & Track Builders Association (USTC&TBA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)-Subcommittee D11.26.